CHS Parent / Teacher Conferences

  • Welcome Parents & Guardians,
    To schedule a conference, click on the link next to the staff member you wish to visit with. Choose the date, either October 8th or 9th, and it will show the times that are available for that teacher. It will then prompt you to add your information. You will get a confirmation email about your scheduled time. Teachers will call you on the day and time of your conference. If you have any questions or difficulties, please call the office at 826-2274 and we can help you schedule your conferences. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

CHS Staff

    Kim Brand
    CHS Principal
    907-826-2274 ext. 2003


    Maria Riedel
    Maria Riedel
    CHS / PACE Counselor
    907-826-2274 ext. 2002


    Rachael Balcom
    907-826-2274 ext. 2016


    Shelby Beck
    907-826-2274 ext. 2007


    Deanna Claus
    907-826-2274 ext. 2012


    Brian Grosenbaugh
    907-826-2274 ext. 2009


    Jessica Hughes
    907-826-2274 ext. 2010


    Earl Jeffrey
    907-826-2274 ext. 2017


    Nicole Nelson
    907-826-2274 ext. 2011


    Troy Thain
    907-826-2274 ext. 2013


    Gary Tilton
    907-826-2274 ext. 2006



Schedule Meeting

  • Earl will be mailing postcards to parents.