• Courtney Wood

    Contact information:
    (907) 826-3274




    Teacher: MS Social Studies and Yearbook, Careers, Art and HomeEc electives



    Bachelors of General Studies and Post Bachelors Teaching certificate from West Texas A&M University. Taught in the village of Tuluksak, AK for 3 years before moving to Craig.


    At Craig Schools: Since 2015


    In Alaska: Since 2009 


    Favorite aspect of job:
    I so enjoy working with the students. Teaching middle school, I never really know what the day will bring, but I do know that my students are smart, funny, and a great group of people to spend my day with.


    Hobbies & Other Interests:
    I love to do crafts, go for walks (the Graveyard Trail and Swan Song Trail are my favorites), and I love to read. 
    I married Mr. Frieb (kindergarten teacher) on July 8, 2023!